Animation Program


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Animation Program

A business proposal for Rooster Toons to produce an Animation Program for your business. Rooster Toons is a cartoon animation studio based in Minneapolis Minnesota, and Hollywood California. Bukola Laditan  

Table of Contents

1.0 Executive Summary

2.0 Problem Statement

3.0 Proposed Solution

  1. Methodology
  2. Qualifications
  3. Schedule and Benchmarks

4.0 Pricing

  1. Payment
  2. Legal Matters
  3. Benefits

1.0 Executive Summary

The Animation Program is a one month process of producing and promoting an animated commercial that promotes your business’ ideals.


2.0 Problem Statement

In this day an age maintaining the attention of potential customers can be somewhat difficult. You want to keep in touch with your past customers and also continuously provide opportunities for potential customers to hear about you.

3.0 Proposed Solution

The Animation Program is animation produced by Rooster Toons for your business. Rooster Toons creates eye catching animations that will grab the attention of your potential clients within the first couple of seconds. Once we have your audience’s attention we will create a narrative for them to engage with. Finally once your client is engaged in the narrative, we steer the narrative and your client’s attention to the precise information about your business that you would like to bring attention to.


3.1 Methodology

After meeting and discussing with you about story and narrative ideas we will begin writing a synopsis of the commercial. After an acceptable synopsis is approved we will make a sample animation which is an effective animation preview. Once the sample animation is approved we will develop the final, polished animation. Once the animation is complete we will promote your video though your social media and our social media using hyper local advertising techniques to make sure that the target audience is seeing your video. Videos are crafted to last no longer than 60 seconds. Longer videos run the risk of loosing the audience’s attention.


3.2 Qualifications

Rooster Toons has successfully created engaging animated commercials for many businesses that are both informative and entertaining. These commercials have been spread on various platforms. A great platform for tracking the engagement of an audience has been on social media where videos have hundreds of views, shares, and likes. This type of engagement undoubtedly converts into more traffic for your business.


3.3 Schedule and Benchmarks

Phase Completion Date
write the story first week
sample animation second week
polished animation third week
promote videos last week




4.0 Pricing

Options Details Price
Premiere up to 60 seconds/video + ads

Maximum Engagement


Advantage Plus up to 30 seconds/video

Good Engagement


Advantage up to 15 seconds/video

Average Engagement




Ads : 1 week free promotion on Rooster Toons social media.


4.1 Payment

Credit Card, Cash or Check to Rooster Toons.


4.2 Legal Matters

All Delivered video content is the property of your business. Rooster Toons can display materials and final work created for your business on the Rooster Toons website (]) and on Rooster Toons’ public portfolio.

4.3 Benefits

Rooster Toons aims to set your business and brand apart. We strive to have a style that uniquely registers with your audience. Thankyou.

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