Once Rooster has approved your project and you have completed a starting fee invoice an account to “drive.roostertoons.com” will be created for your to upload important files and to download updates as well as finished work from Rooster Toons.

Click the link on the Rooster Toons website navigation bar located near the top.

Check the inbox of the email address that you provided Rooster Toons

Once you have logged in you will be able to upload, manage, and view your files by clicking on the menu near the top

When you want to upload a file click “upload” from the menu. Click “Add Files” and navigate to the file that you want to upload from your browser window. Once the file has been selected, click “Upload Files” to complete the uploading process. Stay on the page until the upload status reaches 100%.

To edit a file click on “Manage files”

To view and download files click on “View my files”. Click the “download” button